About us

The Interactive Hub is a unique location for all your meetings, networking events and parties. The location is very easy to reach. It is close by the Haasrode-Industrie exit on the E40 highway Leuven-Luik. What you should know about The Interactive Hub:

  • We offer you all-inclusive packages with all technology, WiFi and furniture.
  • Catering proposals according to your wishes and budget.
  • With us you will arrive with peace of mind.
  • We provide a personal welcome and service.
  • Our goal is 100% satisfied customers.


How many rooms does The Interactive Hub have?
In addition to the Green and the White room, the location also has 2 extra rooms for your events.

Can a car enter the location?
In the Party Room, which is often used for events, a car can enter. The Party Room is adjacent to the White room.

Does the location have options for overnight accommodation?
We do not, but in the area of 2 kilometers you can find 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hotels.

Is catering possible?
The Interactive Hub offers tailor-made catering. You will receive several proposals on your request within your available budget. Dinners with star chefs are also possible.